The Sphinx

October 12, 2011
A strange creature, the Sphinx
As it roams in solitude
Quite lonely, one might think,
But for it’s trusty mystery
Which no man can conclude.

The riddle of which I speak,
You’ve never heard before,
For if you have, I promise
You would not have made it far

The thing is, you see
He’d not have let you pass.
Of course, no blame is put on you,
For so far, no one has.

The body of a lion
Will be quite menacing
And more so if the prey knows not
Of what this creature sings

He sings to you a question,
The same until it’s solved
If offered no suggestion
Then you will be devoured.

Upon his lion body,
He holds up a man’s head
And upon his lion back
Two bird’s wings are set.

If by chance, the secret is revealed
The Sphinx will let you go
The secret no longer concealed
He has no way to grow

A strange creature, the Sphinx,
It shrinks back in despair
It’s secret out; it starts to shrink
And slowly disappears.

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