The Procreation of the Pen

March 11, 2008
The vampire who sucked the girl’s blood out
The nurse who alerted the hospital with her shout
The government that caused the change
The words that were thought of then rearranged
The rain that pounds on the window frame
The last soccer kick that decides the game
The tide that comes in and goes in out in good time
The words that fit perfectly to work out a rhyme
The book about singing and drawing
Of biting and gnawing and maybe some clawing
The times of sheer wizardry that keeps you wondering on edge
The hero that comes and rescues the damsel from the steep cliff ledge
The ninja that rested after a kunai stuck in his leg
The girl all manly who just finished off the last keg
The pirate who drank too many beers and just drowned
The sumo that was strong and surly and round
The king who declared war of such monstrous kind
That made it very hard to find good reading time
The kiss of the lovers as they walked done the lane
The story of the actor who finally received his fame
The diary of the cool, smart, and depressed teen
The muscular bodybuilder who was tall and lean
The theft of the grail of magical powers
That you just couldn’t just read in a couple short hours
The dream of the man that became true
The polarized man that had his skin turn blue
And as the every growing literature web grows bigger and wider
So does the fact the reader and writer
Must be glad for what has and still is to come and happen
In the offspring and procreation of the pen

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