Forgotten Day

October 12, 2011
By Krystallynn24 GOLD, Carlisle, Pennsylvania
Krystallynn24 GOLD, Carlisle, Pennsylvania
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Let the rain fall and let the waves wash away the tears
Let the darkness take away all my fears.
The sky is as blank as the paper on my lap
Trying to find the right words to say
Trying to keep the pain at bay…
My heart beats slowly as I finally let go
As I give into the doubts and the pain
It grows stronger with every drop of rain
Let the pain come, and let it hurt
Let my heart break
The smiles have become easy to fake
But inside im as empty as the water
Scared and alone, I wait…
Leaving it all in the hands of fate
Will this be the end?
I look towards the dark sea
Hoping this time my heart will set me free
I stand and take one last look
When all is lost, I shed one last tear
Hoping this will end my fear
I turn away and take your hand
As you lead me away
I'm hoping you will stay
With me forever
Don’t look back look into my eyes
Here there will be no more lies
So take my hand and lets run away
This is the end of one more forgotten day

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