My Spell

October 12, 2011
My destiny my love
Come into my arms
Come my demon I am your dove
I sing to you in words only you understand

My life my soul
Hold me I am yours
You make me whole
Lets fly away

My demon my knight
You love me
You are my light
Stay with me, I'll set you free

Listen to my spell
As I sing to you
My love shall tell
All you need to hear

Come into my arms my dark winged knight
Let me take you away to my world
Come into my light
And let me make you mine

As I cast my spell & capture you
Ill be the one you forever wake up to
Promising that I will forever be true
So with one last word you'll be mine

I'll make you fall in love
With every word I say
So come kiss your little dove
And make this spell last

Past the night and onto the next day
Give me what you can
And forever with you I will lay
For you have my heart

My spell my spell
Shall be cast on you
To fall in love with me
As your angel
You are my midnight demon

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