The Romantic Letter

March 11, 2008
Now the story begins
With a box and a note,
A bunch of lovers’ poems,
A guitar and a tone and three minutes of trouble
They met on a subway in earnest despair
For one was being threatened, gun waving in air
They arranged a coffee date, to get to know the other
That date turned into another as their bond became stronger
For they wouldn’t stay just friends for any longer
They tied the knot and she threw the bouquet
They were wed and very happily on that very day
Then war called the man away from his own
Sadly neither had gotten a phone
So one in the mansion
One on the battlefield
Yet never did this strong bond of love ever yield
While one applied lipstick, blush, and perfume
The other was fighting and worried for his lover
For he may not return through the bombs loud boom
Then one day a letter returned to the soldier
Of the dear wife was going to be a dear mother
He shouted and cheered and some giddily jeered
For the news was so merry
He asked for transportation to take him back home
The morose, desperate soldier was granted relief to go see his damsel
The soldier was taken to Rome to meet his new family
He arrived and ran all the way to the hospital
As he arrived to his wife’s room,
Nurses presented him with tears and apologizes
His eyes caught sight of the pale corpse of his wife in the bed
The head nurse was holding the babies
The boy and girl had lived while the mother had passed away
As he cried he held the babies that wailed along with him
For both had lost someone very dear to them
For years to come the veteran loved the two children with all his heart
They were his young people, his offspring of a romantic letter

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