What Hurts The Most

October 12, 2011
By Krystallynn24 GOLD, Carlisle, Pennsylvania
Krystallynn24 GOLD, Carlisle, Pennsylvania
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What hurts the most. . .
Is the silence
The words that cut deeper than a knife
The way he says he loves me but never calls

What hurts the most. . .
Is the way I miss him so much
That it kills me on the inside
The way I love him without question
How he makes me laugh but I know
That deep down he's only trying to make it better.

What hurts the most. . .
Is the way I still love him
The way he tells me he loves me but the
Sound of his voice says otherwise.

And what hurts a million times more
Is the fact that I know in my heart
That he may never be truly mine. . .

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