Stumbling in the Dark

March 11, 2008
By Tyler Lindsay-K Jennings, Archbold, OH

Stumbling in the dark
Searching, constantly searching
But what am I searching for?

I don't know where I'm going
Or even what I'm doing
But I KNOW there's something out there!

I keep hearing how it will all be worth it
But how long do I have to search?
And how will I know if I've found it?

But wait a minute!
What if it's not meant to be searched for?
What if it's supposed to find you, not the other way around?

Hm... What if...
One of the most asked questions
Simple words with BIG meanings

So many people ask themselves "What if" questions
Some are simple, easy, non important
While others are crucial and life changing

What if I died?
What if I never find love?
What if I don't succeed?

Crucial questions with crucial answers
But usually the only answers we have are more questions
Open-ended, empty

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