Same Kid

March 11, 2008
By George Henderson, Basking Ridge, NJ

There’s this one kid,
Same time everyday,
Pushed and teased,
Poked and punched,
Why don’t they just stop?
Can’t they see?
Can’t they see the tears in his eyes?
I bet they can,
But it’s the ‘cool thing to do,
The “popular” thing to do,
To push and make fun of a kid different to them,
I fell so badly for him,
I say something but they just stare and laugh,
They say” Get out of here Negro, or we will do the something to you.”
When they said that, it even made my tears cry,
I was sad as a mother who had just lost there new born child,
I couldn’t do anything to make them stop,
I knew they would do the same thing the next day……
and the day after that……
and the day after that.

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