Me Without You

March 11, 2008
I've just had a bad month and it's beginning to wear me down. I'm sure it's nothing I can't get over myself, but that's just me without you.

A raindrop falls, a tear from the moon. It slides down a milk white tree and turns into a pearl before it's washed away into the sea.

Pearls are tears. The color black is all my fears.
A yellow rose is for a friendship that will endure. The white rose for sorrow sweet and pure.

The red rose is a passion, a love that never dies.
A pink rose for the hope you hide behind when you hear the worlds terrified cries.

Purple is for sacrifice. Orange is for those who try and feign the perfect life.
Green can be that superficial thing sometimes called life.

Blue, blue is the color of the moonlit snow. Blue is the color of the night sky.
Blue is all those feelings you could never let go.
Blue is that dream you must never let die.
Blue is the deepest sadness you might ever know.

When the blue fades into white you die. You die the moment you think it worthless to continue and try.

I've had a bad month and it's beginning to wear me down. Maybe it's time I take a good look around and see that it's only me without you.

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