Life Of Love

October 20, 2011
By Anastasiya BRONZE, Everett, Washington
Anastasiya BRONZE, Everett, Washington
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I'll tell a tale of one small pup,

Who had nothing, not a cup.

A pup so small, so lone, so scared

And no one even would have cared.

Until one day a man had come

And saw the pup so frail and numb.

He took the pup under his arm

And told him that he would not harm.

He felt so awful for the creature

So he soon became its teacher.

The pup had grown, the man had too,

And as they did, their friendship grew.

They were soul mates and best of friends,

They were companions with no demands.

The man grew old, the dog did too

But their friendship still stayed true.

The man's heart was weak but love was strong

And so he knew he can't go on.

He said, “Good bye, my dear old friend,

My journey has now come to an end.”

The dog had known, he understood,

His friend was leaving now for good.

Not for work or to the store,

His life was leaving now for sure.

He laid his head to rest with his

To give him one last loving kiss.

And as they lay an hour passed

The dog had sensed the man had passed.

His nose was dry his eyes were wet,

Therefore he knew that sun has set.

There on the grave of his dear friend

This dog has laid there till his end.

Here ends the tale of one small pup,

Who lived to love with his tail up.

The author's comments:
My inspiration came from the movie The Tale of Hachiko. This film is based on a true story from Japan of the faithful Akita, Hachik?.

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