The Game of Life

March 11, 2008
The world lays as a game board
for the unknown forces that come to play.
Every animal, human, plant, a pawn
in this elaborate mess of fun.

The players select their pieces,
thundering arguments over who gets which.
And so it begins, the timer sets.
Round one: vicious reptilian creatures.
A horrific and ruthless era of survival.

But the players crave more danger,
so a meteor starts the game anew.
Cataclysmic and blazing, a clean slate.
The pieces get revamped with edge and risk
Ones that grow and evolve and struggle,
who can manipulate and be manipulated.

Now the real fun can begin.
This one’s pieces gets spears and arrows.
That one’s piece is equipped with guns.
Another’s falls to explosives and bombs.

Scores rise and fall with each empire.
The pawns develop a life of their own,
the desire for power and money overcomes them.
The players giggle with glee as they watch,
their piece’s lives unfold their world a ticking time bomb.

Wars break out, death and destruction is left.
With one quick role of the dice
betrayal, envy, and greed is gained.
With extra points for every step of the ladder of success.

There are no rules to this game,
only the tough survive and conquer.
Those are the ones who end up in the winner’s circle.

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