Loving you

October 20, 2011
Am I wrong for wanting you because you’re taken

I try to smile, while you’re together, I just be straight fakin,

Every time you hold hands with her, I imagine its my hand,

I can almost feel the warmth, the sensation, the touch for eternity like a wedding ban,

Why are you with her a thought that crosses my mind daily,

I would support you through everything be your main lady,

And its crazy how you stick around when she shuts you down,

Everything you speak to her goes through her body and hit’s the ground

Every conversation with her you say is one sided,

She’s never listening, so I’m the one who in everything you confide in,

If I’m the perfect best friend,

Why cant we change up the roles, and you can be my man,

I understand you when you speak about your inner soul, (I‘m tied in)

She’s a surface girl, with prada heels iced with gold,

She hasn’t captured fire within your soul,

And you wonder why your Summers with her are so cold

If I told you all of this, maybe you’d think I were too bold

I’m a simple chick who longs to be intertwined

With you I could live my life and never want a dime,

Because you’re the one I play memories in my head about,

And I understood all of those small moments of pain she never could figure out,

All I ever wanted was the best for you,

Here me out I know what love is all about,

If you put your hand in mine and told me to trust you I would,

No fuss, no fighting, everything would be good,

Ride or die chick, I stay loyal to my hood,

If you’re the streets, I’m the game,

You drum the beat, I dance without shame,

You bring the noise, I bring the fire,

The way I love should get you inspired

Because my heart in yours can fulfill your every desire

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