As the Spotlight Dims

March 11, 2008
By Samantha Chapman, Saugerties, NY

Broken bones crack, withered roses dry,
Wishes are made just for dreams to die.
So sleep soundly while in this place,
Smile in sadness; force the lie upon your face.
Forgetting the faith you held so long,
You find it so hard to just remain strong.
The willed and weak push you away,
Sometimes you need good excuses
to make it through the day.
Flashes of light line a broken heart,
The cracks reach deep from end to start.
Bloody and sore, the wounds sting this time around,
The bottom of your patience falls without a sound.
A beat-less heart can’t rapture anew,
Smothered by loneliness still inside of you.
Sliding across lost boundaries and shallow graves,
Fleeing from the thing you know you can’t save.
Fall to the floor and drop from the light,
This only gives your demons all the more might.
Feel your bones crack, the roses fade to gray,
Wishing in your heart you could just have the last say.

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