If I Could Start From Scratch

March 11, 2008
By Brianna Robinson, Frisco, TX

If I could start from scratch with what I have now things would be different.
I would have gone out in my sweatpants when I chill with my friends.
I would have called them more often, instead of just a text.
I could have spent more time jamming out with them.
I defiantly would have been even sillier than I already am.

If I could start again from scratch with the eggs,
I would spend more time alone.
I would sit and write, and write, and write.
I could have stopped and learned more about what was around me.
I would have sat in my spot up on my hill and thought about life even more.

If I could start again from scratch with the flour,
I would spend less time asleep in my bed,
Because you know I’ll have plenty of time for that when I’m dead.
I would open my window just to smell the wind,
And written more notes in my favorite pen.

If I could start over again from scratch with the sugar,
I would have taken more risks,
Maybe even gotten in to trouble.
I would have planned more parties with me and my friends,
Some just so we could get gussied up and dance.

If I could start over again from scratch with the chocolate chips,
I would get up earlier just so I could see more sunrises.
I would have baked more things, just so I could give them to friends,
And I would hug everyone more just because we are friends.

If I could start all over again from scratch with the icing,
I would stand up for my friends more, and share my thoughts.
I would have created more firsts for my self,
But that wouldn’t be the icing on top.

If I could start all over from scratch with the sprinkles,
I would have given out my love more,
And that would be the best part of all.

But I’m already made,
So what I have will do,
Besides I can always add more sprinkles if I need to.

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