September 29, 2011
By , detroit, MI

I am my own person

I am loving and forgiving.
I am caring and kind.

I am young and spontaneous.
I am bright and smart.

I am a senior.
I am wrong but I am right.

I am shy but I do not lie.
I never cry and I hate to say bye.

I am a Leo.
But I don’t like Fritos.
I love to eat Doritos.

I can be the nicest.
And I can be the feistiest.

I am loved by some.
And hated by none.

I am not nice.
But I am not mean.

I work alone.
I don’t need any team.

I am me.
That’s all I want people to see.

I am who I am.
That’s all I want to be.

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