Destined to Get There

March 17, 2008
By jacqueline siegel, New City, NY

Destined to get there
I have fallen so hard before that I did not want to get up
I wanted to stay down until everything was okay
If I stayed I would have gotten walked all over and hurt even more
Besides I could not look up at everyone else while I sat on the dirt
I got up with my past and continued on my way
I’m taking it slowly, day by day
There are hills as far as I can see
Some are steep, some are muddy
I have no idea what’s on the other side
I hope its something I have waited for all my life
It rains, and it snows
The weather is only part of where I have to go
Some don’t make it
Some get stuck
Some are lost and out of luck
Followers realize there on the wrong path
Too deep in and they have to head back
I’m walking with a destination
There is no map to life
It is only your creation

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