Take the Brain

October 20, 2011
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Take the Brain

Anger in my heart,
Anger in my brain,
Brain that is exploding,
Brain that is oozing,
Oozing on to the floor,
Oozing out of my ears,
Ears that hear harsh lies,
Ears penetrated by unbearable noises,
Noises that come from you,
Noises shoot out of your mouth,
Mouth that should be kept shut,
Mouth that lies,
Lies to my face,
Lies about you,
You blurt out nonsense,
You care for no one,
One day you’ll see,
One moment you’ll realize,
Realize all you’ve ruined,
Realize that you’ve done nothing,
Nothing for me,
Nothing for this family,
Family should support,
Family should care,
Care about me,
Care about how I feel,
Feel so much anger,
Feel like I’m not here,
Here to listen to nothing,
Here to not care at all,
All I care about is being happy,
All I asked for was that,
That you might let that happen,
That I might build up the courage,
Courage to let out my feelings,
Courage to stand up to you,
You always bring me down,
You can’t live my life for me,
Me, your child,
Me, who tries so hard,
Hard to impress people,
Hard to feel good,
Good about myself,
Good about my life,
Life that’s being wasted,
Life I need to take,
Take from your mind,
Take back finally,

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