My frozen hand

October 18, 2011
By Sonic101196 GOLD, Renton, Washington
Sonic101196 GOLD, Renton, Washington
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It's getting rather wintry

My arms are freezing cold

You're standing right beside me

And my hand is free to hold

I wondered just what it could feel to be some body's girl

And now I'm here, my heart is pounding, I'm proud of it, and sure

You texted me late last night, you had something to say

You asked me if I liked you, and that you had felt the same

Honestly I yearn to be yours

Be lost in your embrace forever

My parents though, don't think its right for us to be together...

I understand what it is they say

But I like you and that wont change

I wont let love get in the way

But my heart cannot be arranged

Perhaps we are moving too fast

Maybe this is not what they had planned

But for now all I want you to do, is hold my freezing hand

The author's comments:
There is not much to say but that he inspires me everyday...things may not work for out us now but if he really cares for me he'll be waiting on the other side for me when I can finally give him my heart...As for now, him simply holding my hand would mean the world to I have to be yours in order for you to merely do that for me? This I ask of you...

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