Never Loved You

January 3, 2008
By Liz Nasca, Edinburg, VA

Never Loved You
I never loved you

But if I did

I would love like tomorrow

Was too far away

I would love like there was everything

And 'we' meant the world

When in reality

One wrong word could pushed you away

I never loved you

But if I did

It would hurt like a mountain

Was crushing me away

To watch you forget me


To watch you move on, nothing to say

I never loved you

But if I had

It would last near forever

And I'd still be captivated

By your lying green eyes

And that dangerous smile

That I never caught

Never saw by a mile

The pain that I never felt

Is pulling away

The love that never I gave you

Always in my heart

The ever-so subtle purposeful day

But I never loved you

So what more can I say?

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