I never would have heard

January 3, 2008
For your Consideration

In a feeble attempt
To immortalize myself
I am the scribe

My task

To enlighten you of the

feelings and complaints

Of every soul I can touch

My words, they do not

Speak for themselves

An explanation is


to accept such adversity

a definition

is necessary to

comprehend such anguish

not my own,

do not misunderstand

I am not betrayed nor forgotten

Nor am I grieving some vast loss

The only sound is listening

The only sight, awareness

The only hope I can give

Is to others

Without it, I am lost

With what would I base

My life?

Had I not listened

I never would have heard

Had I not touched

I never would have felt

Had I not see from

Another's eyes

I would be blind

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