Well, once more I'm thrown into the pit

January 3, 2008
Well, once more I'm thrown into the pit

Of attraction and infatuation

I hope this does not last as long as the others,

Maybe it will fade away

Time can only tell me what I'll feel,

Nothing else,

Not what I will do

The face in the mirror is happy,

But the one I see in my dreams is anxious

I don't know what to believe

I see my last six months and think,

Maybe I should hold back,

It would be


But I don't want to

I just don't



I'm running when I should be

Taking careful, cautious steps

But life is short

I'm waiting for something to tell me what to do,

I'm trying too hard

But life is long

What shall I believe?

Well, once again I doubt myself

I'm hoping someone will catch me

When I push myself off the balance beam

And hoping you'll hear me if I scream out loud

Hoping you'll finally see me if I'm right in front of you

'cuz I'm losing my faith in everyone

And everyone is you

But this is an exaggeration of

Something barely there

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