One, Two, Three, Four

September 27, 2011
One drink, two drink, three drink, four. Watch over her, she's about to drink more. Her green eyes look faded and drained. The alcohol is taking over her brain. Why do you do this to yourself? What are you trying to forget about? You say it was him that hurt you but you're hurting yourself too. There she goes, she grabs her keys. Nobody is watching her, she's about to leave. She gets into the car and starts the engine. A tear running down her cheek, she's on a mission. Pulls out of the driveway and onto the road, driving fast and she doesn't even know.

She's going to his house, the one she misses. Driving drunk in the dark just to feel his soft kisses. Swerving the car, her tears are blurring her sight. What's about to happen will change her whole life. Her car crashes into a black Subaru, the other driver is left broken and bruised. She drives away, getting away with the crime, not know that who she hit will die slowly with time. One drink, two drink, three drink, four. Honey, you shouldn't have drank anymore. Because the guy that you just killed is who you're going to see. You knew the consequences of driving drunk, it's only fair you paid the fee.

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