Paper: Redefined

January 3, 2008
By Estel Yates, Thornton, CO

Paper: Redefined

A blank slate
To put all sorts of stuff on
Homework, notes, doodles, peoms, pretty much anything.

For the lucky ones,
It is more than notes for math class.
Paper is a way to express feelings,
To let out pain, anger, joy,
Even mediocrity.

Paper has two red lines on the sides
Bumpers, of sorts.
They keep you from falling off the edge.
The lines hold you back,
Restrict you from the beyond.

But at the top and bottom
They have no restrictions.
You can fall off if you are too immature
You can fly.

This leads you
to a whole new world of possibilities.
Go past the paper, onto the table, and beyond.

Paper has no restrictions
Beyond the red lines.
You can just let your imagination run
with words or drawings,
with just a pencil, an idea, and paper.

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