can't keep this pain

October 6, 2011
By thierry45 SILVER, Daytonabeach, Florida
thierry45 SILVER, Daytonabeach, Florida
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the pain i have in my heart right now is unbearable, you wouldn't believe it how could i make this happen i feel so vulnerable so useless the woman i love is now in another mans hands, taking in his fake love i feel like somebody had just struck me in my heart wit a large thorn

that went right threw skin, flesh and bone
and then stopped right at the love i had for her the room goes silent as i weep

my strength had left me now i feel week
sick to my stomach i look back in the past and cant help but to weep when me and her had something it came so fast but it didn't last

now its time for me to give up, time to say good bye and fear well,
time for me to say i don't care love had came in and it only broke my heart and i know that's not fare now somebody please tell me what i should do because if your truly touch by this poem... well then you know what I'm going through deep down inside i hear thunder,lighting,and rain but true-fully its just all my pain and now i know and feel that i cant keep this pain

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