Four Letters

October 6, 2011
True Love can make you feel like your floating on a cloud.
In Any Case….
This four letter word is different from any other word, people have trouble knowing what Love really is.
I Admit Without Shame….
Love is a powerful word.
Which Causes….
Heartbreaks, and people to do things they don’t usually do.
What’s Worse….
Is when people say it and don’t mean it and just say things just to say it.
I don’t want….
To talk to anyone who says the Love me but don’t show it.
Now In Fact….
I just kick them to the curb.
I Feel Like….
If your going to say you Love someone actually mean it, don’t play with someone’s emotions.
I Might Say….
This because I was someone that got the Love word thrown at them and it wasn’t meant when someone said they Loved me.
Still It’s Better….
When we say the word and actually mean it.
This is actually true….
When it comes down to boys saying that they Love a girl but really they just want to see how many girls they can get to say that they Love him back.
But Let Us Have….
Patience when it comes down to Loving someone.
But We Were Always….
Astonished when the ones we Love hurts us or leaves our side.

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