All For You

January 3, 2008
All For You

I wish you knew
How hard I work for you.
Its always been my goal
To pour my heart and soul
Into everything I do
It’s all for you.

I just want you to know
That the reason I do this is so
I can make you proud.
But when I fail, you yell loud
And you don’t know you hurt my feelings
‘Cuz you’ve always expected me to reach higher than the ceilings.
You make me who I am,
You make me Sam.

Yes, you’ve inspired me
I just wish you could see
I can’t do this alone
And when you yell in that tone
It makes it so much harder.
You just blew out my starter
And my hopes are let down
And the inspiration is yet to be found.
You just need to be told
That everybody stumbles sometimes and needs a hand to hold.
I just want to make you smile
And maybe make you happy for awhile.

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