I will die fairly young

January 3, 2008
I will die fairly young
Probably the age of seven or eight
By then, I will have found Jesus,
Understood all I am supposed to,
Loved the people around me
Black or white, brown or red,
I will have wandered the hills by my home,
And played in the creek down yonder,
I will have had my first crush on the freckled little blonde girl at school.
By the age of seven,
I will have learned to work hard,
But play hard too.
I will have felt the sun warm my back
on a great summer's day
And chased dragonflies through the fields,
When I die
I will be remembered
And people will come from miles around
to reminisce the times we shared
and memorialize them with sharpie
opon the pure and beautiful white casket
I now call my home.

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