Lay Me Down

January 3, 2008
By Casey Lease, Columbus, MT

The only sunrise that came into effect,
when all my hope fell.
Pick me up and throw me down
shove my heart into the ground.
Hold me tight, but let me free,
let's see if it's meant to be.
Push out all my miseries.
Kiss me please look in me eyes.
Forgive me for all my cries.
Pull them out one by one
if you want to see where the pain begun.
Lie next to me now turn off the light.
use me with all your might.
Keep all my aggressions deep inside.
Never let you break my stride.
Stab me now stab me sweet.
Let me cry and let me bleed, no more sorries or please save me's. Now it's time to lay me down to sleep.

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