How could you love me

October 19, 2011
By Scarlett BRONZE, Gulfport, Mississippi
Scarlett BRONZE, Gulfport, Mississippi
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how could you love me
how could you care
I'm like a reason thats not there
I'm like....I'm like the winter without the cold
the summer without the sun
so being with me, he**, there is nothing that you have won......
so how could you love me, tell me how
I'm so mad at you right now....
everyone else left my life but you...your so stupid, you are
because I am no one to love at all, by far
I'm rambling about because I dont understand
here you stand holding my hand when everyone else thinks its dirty
I've shamed you so much that holding your hand, i am not worthy
I've kicked you down, I've slapped your face, I've back stabbed you and wrecked your place
but here you stand, here in my face, forgiving me with your loving grace....
how could i be so blind to see something so kind

but I still can not see....I just can not see
why in the he**...would you ever love me.....

why me....? why plain ole me.....

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