The Way

October 16, 2011
It's the way that you make me feel,
like no one has ever before.
Everything about you is ideal
& impossible to ignore.

It's the way that you smile
& the way that you laugh.
My days have become worthwhile,
all on your behalf.

Its the way you make me happy,
without even trying
and the way you'd make fun of me
For constantly sighing.

It's the way you look at me
with those cute little expressions,
I can never foresee
but that's just a confession.

Its The way that your always on my Mind,
That shows me how much you mean.
With you I'm blind to anything else
and no one can intervene

Its the way that you're everything I want
and everything I need.
Every expectation I have
you seem to exceed.

It's that I wish I could be free of
ever having to say goodbye,
I just want to tell you i love you
and hope for a reply.

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