Breaking Free

October 16, 2011
By Mekalynrose GOLD, Ventura, California
Mekalynrose GOLD, Ventura, California
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Tell me something: when you see the clouds, the mounds, thunderous lightning building pressure, glaring, staring you down, solid, burning with rain like acid, tell me, are you ready to summon the courage, take the urge to fight your thoughts and worries and push it away, allow them to stay, tell me, are you ready to feel the rain, drain from the sky, pierce your face, prepare to race, now tell me, can you throw down the objects, the stares, the insecurities, fears, can you take off your shoes, undo your laces, relinquish your mask and throw it away, don’t wait around for another day, the truth’s come to stay, no more counting the numbers, just go! The street’s clear, eyes and ears are on you, waiting for something to happen, for someone to realize, your body’s the structure, your mind’s the limit, tell ‘em what you found, what you found when your world came crashing down, your energy building, and BAM! The lights go on, soaring, scoring, freedom at last, to grasp, arms pumping, legs spinning, your double image as you pass, the bystanders, they’ve got nothing on you, no way to screw you over, ‘cause now you’re racing your shadow, flying, no lying, pushing, flowing, faster than steroids or light’s biggest contender, in the moment forever, nothing contains you, only sustains you, it’s power, it’s magic, it’s life’s greatest wonder, only for you, if you can, if you care, if you dare, so tell me, are you ready to embrace the heavy, stay steady, feel the thunder in your bones and own it, harness the lightning as it strikes, strikes you down to the ground, are you ready to get back up, pound your fist to the sky, up high, put on a show, yell “Let’s go!”, and keep going, keep moving down the line, through space and time, invincible, tell me: are you ready?

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