January 3, 2008

You think that you have problems
Well guess what I have here
More to add to your load
And here’s the winner
I don’t even care

Why would I care that
That you are stressed
And hurt
On a verge of a breakdown

You think that I’m your friend
That I would care
About what happens
Well I’m laughing at you

I’m laughing at you
Like you laughed
At me
We were friends
Not now

So how does it feel
To be where I use to be
So I’ll be a true friend’
And let you figure it out

Life is hard
That’s how I was taught
I looked to you
And you let me drop

You turn to me
Cause everyone left
I’m surprised if
You have any pride left

The more I watch
You struggle
The more I want to help

But I know
You’ll be stronger
If you get yourself out
Of your own trouble

I guess if you fail
I’ll be there to help
I know I’ll be a jerk

But hey
Life is hard
I had to do it
Cause you didn’t help then

But I also know
That you have to forgive
And you have to forget

I know that if
You hold a grudge
To everyone
Who did you wrong

You would have no
No laughter
No peace and
No love

So friend I will help you
But first you must fail
Cause nothing ain’t worth knowing
That you didn’t learn from a

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