January 3, 2008
By Ariel Jette, Columbus, MT


I am from...
Broken buildings and trailer parks
Lost keys and Broken hearts
cold nights with dogs that bark.

I am from...
Shattered windows and and shooting street signs
making jokes and screwing off
playing stupid games that at the time were just the thing.

I am From...
Parents staying up late fighting over what they hate
and saying it is to late to change their mistakes
Having to clench my pillow, to try and ease the pain.

I am from...
Tomboys and playing ruff
joking around and having fun
going fishing and maybe a late night run.

I am from...
Sneaking out late at night but never getting caught
goofing off in class when I should not
skipping school just have a day off.

I am from lonely nights and crying myself to sleep.
Fighting constantly with my brother, until we got older,
and I finally understood.
I am from a family that settles for second best, nothing more or less.

Where i am from might not be perfect,
Like most if my fellow students.
Every moment might not be worth it,
But me getting away from here is way to important.

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