They shall see me burn

January 3, 2008
They shall see me burn
For all eternity
They watch every night
As I hide in the darkness
I see them move
Wall to wall in the shadows
I hear them laugh and cackle
They want to see me burn
I’ve sold my soul to there master
And for that I show no regret
But they tease me every night
I try to sleep but all I see is the shadows
Moving back and fourth
They whisper to me about death and despair
Tell me to do things that no sane mind would ever imagine
I fear that I’m losing my mind,
I fear that the end is near
They say Hate what they love
Love what they hate
They say that this world of hypocrisy shall end
That I must help in bringing this world back to fire
I have had dreams of the apocalypse
Of Conquest, War and Famine
And behind Famine follows death
I have seen the religions of man crumble
I saw the Vatican burn
I’ve seen the black child rise
And I have seen Babylon rise
All I have said have been sent with my signature
The sign burns and I know that my end draws near

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