October 17, 2011
By alexandra2 SILVER, Essex, Connecticut
alexandra2 SILVER, Essex, Connecticut
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Dying; trees, leaves grass,
You’ve seen it all before,
It’s been a while since my friend, fall’s
Been knocking at my door

Summer sun, invincible,
At least that’s how it seems.
But then the cold air comes and
Dashes’ hopes and dreams

The trees are weak and brittle,
The leaves are gone, we’ll miss ya
The grass is short and brown
And the sun no longer blisters.

Coats are long, walks are shorts
Your breathing creates a misty scene
Hats are definitely back in style,
On mittens, you aren’t so keen.

Suddenly, the nights are long,
Much longer than the days
The kids are in by five,
In the dark, they cannot play.

Driveways are slick with morning frost,
Blinding white is all around
Be aware of frozen snow puddles,
Littering the ground

Approaching mid-December, everyone is crazed.
A man in red soon consumes your life,
Cheerful moods, good friends
Now’s not the time for strife.

Muddy grass, warming air,
Flowers on the trees.
Grass is sprouting everywhere,
Branches growing leaves.

Shorts are on, the weather’s hot.
The kids aren’t in till ten
Warm air lasts long into the night,
Here we go again.

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