Hidden Secrets

January 3, 2008
By Olivia Sigley, Aurora, WV

Hidden Secrets

Hearing, mocking, so very cruel,
Falling, crashing, without fuel.

Shaking, hating, one's own face,
Losing, falling, out of place.

Crying, sobbing, it's too rough,
Yelling, fading, I'm not enough.

Slashing, cutting, to be free,
Begging, pleading, please take me.

Starving, refusing, eat too much,
Smiling, faking, it's my crutch.

Choking, gagging, must not tell,
Hiding, fearing, locked in my cell.

Reaching, grasping, for fresh air,
Laying, dreaming, without a prayer.

Lying, covering, it's not real,
Hoping, wishing, help me heal.

Searching, finding, maybe the truth,
Living, dying, will the youth?

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