January 3, 2008
By Cassie Carter, Columbus, MT


When you come from a small town,
people often keep track of you.
Many will ask and wonder…
What is she doing now?
Where is she going to school?
What is she doing with her life?

I want to be one of those stories,
those people that have great success.
I want to use my past achievements to get me there
and then make many more.

But is having everything in their eyes,
the same as in mine?

A teacher once told me that it didn’t matter
how much money she had,
the town she lived in,
the successes she had,
as long as she had her family.

I have never seen anyone as happy and loved as her.

That comment continuously runs through my head
as I think of the future.

I may do everything that is expected of me.
I may have a lot of success,
a big house,
a good job
But that isn’t everything to me.

The town will only see my achievements,
but I only want to see the love and happiness
that my teacher showed me.

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