January 3, 2008
By amber butler, Blue Mound, IL


No one knows the real me,
Except for my true friends.
people look at me and just see a pretty face,
But they have no clue what goes on around me.
Being at school and trying to impress people is hard and it never works.
I want people to know the real me without feeling sorry.
Growing up I could never see who my true friends were.
You see friends are not to stab you in the back.
Most of my friends joke with me but at times they take it too far.
Growing up sometimes I had to hide the pain from the hits that I have taken.
I want people to see that I am a person and not just a girl that they see walking down the street.
I want to be a person who would be remembered.
I don’t want them to judge me by my looks.
If you want to know me then just ask.
I am sick and tired of shedding tears at night.
Inside it hurts and it puts more pressure upon my sholders.
This pressure is so hard to take in with my home issues and job issues.
It have even hurt myself to take away all my pain.
It worked for a while until I got so addicted that I couldn’t stop.
You see people don’t know me too well.
I am tired of making people like me and I always get put in the dust.
I you don’t like me then fine, just don’t start stuff.
I am at home and it is like a prison.
The only thing I do is go to work and go to school.
I never get to go and hang out with friends.
The only time I get to is if they come over.
At my house it is like I am on lockdown or house arrest.
I know that I am the baby of all 4 of my sisters, but I am treated like one and I hate it with a passion!
Just get to know me and we will be fine.
Just be prepared for a ride, and don’t worry, I have nothing to hide.
Don’t hold a grudge against me and we will be friends.
I know everything will be fine…….hopefully.
Now you know part of the real me

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