January 3, 2008
By Levi Austin, Columbus, MT


Nothingness, it appears to rip at your soul with a spiteful vileness that welcomes you in with open arms and a colorful demeanor that soothes the senses. But behind this fascade it is truly evil and if you let yourself slip into its grasp, your spirit will be tormented by the sorrow that comes from the memories of years passed and the emptiness that engulfs you reveals beneath it the time enough to eat away at what little hope you have to ever escape it. But within the little hope there is, you find courage from and against all odds, you break away from the grasp of this nothingness, entering the world again, but as a different person, with different views, and with a different outlook on the life that you once use to cherish but now you begin to criticize and wish you would be able to go back to just touching the surface of the world. Holding a blind eye to the reality of it all, instead of traveling far beneath into the depths of it and discovering that you actually hate it and all that it represents.

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