As Long As The Leaves Change Colour

January 2, 2008
By Alyssa Chwiecko, London, ZZ

As Long As The Leaves Change Colour

I see your eyes when I close mine at night
your in my thoughts every minute of everyday
I couldn’t be more happy then I am when im in your arms

you took me out to dinner and stared into my eyes all night long
you never stopped holding my hand
and the look in your eyes when you looked into mine
was of someone truly in love

you couldn’t have made me more happier then I was that month
it was a short month, but it seemed to never end
I spent every day with you
and you spent every day with me
you never stopped smiling, and you never seemed to love life more

you took me to amusement parks
you took me for walks in the park
we strolled around museums
and roamed the city
we did everything we could in that one short month

when it ended though
that was the hardest
I never thought my world could end so quickly
you told me from the start that this wouldn’t last long
but I didn’t care about time
you were what I wanted
and nothing could make me happier then being with you
but when you were taken away from me forever
it broke me
I couldn’t eat for days
I couldn’t sleep
I couldn’t live

in that one short month you had taught me how to live
and when you left, you took my heart with you

I visit your grave everyday
and I think of you more then when I was with you
I knew this wouldn’t last long
and I knew it would hurt

a part of me will always be for you
and I will never forget you and what you were to me
you are the light inside of me that taught me what love really is
you are my one true love

others may try to take your place
and maybe ill let them
but what you an me had
will never compete with what I may get one day

ill always be with you
and you'll always be with me
forever and ever
as long as the leaves change colour

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