My dream as a true hearted musician

October 17, 2011
By dustinleestormpuckett GOLD, Ste Genevieve, Missouri
dustinleestormpuckett GOLD, Ste Genevieve, Missouri
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"Happiness is a firecracker sitting on my headboard. Happiness was never mine to hold. Be careful child, light the fuse, and get away, because happiness throws a shower of sparks."-The Fray

What is my dream? My dream in life is to express my heart in music, along with being able to open up a music store to share the aspirations that I have. The biggest hill to get over though, is high school and college. These things are what will make or break my future, and I am willing to dedicate the rest of my years to my gifts that God has given unto me.

I have the sure plan of finishing high school, and the next thing to do after that is to go to a college. I am already looking at University’s and their pre-requisites. I have been interested in Berklee Musical Institute in Boston, Massachusetts. The other choice is Greenville Musical Institute over in Greenville, Illinois. I am aspiring to reach my full potential in music. This is one thing that I can fully control, unlike many other career choices.

The second plan that I plan on using for a head-start is my music projects. My main project is ‘alex and dustin’ which consists of my best friend Alex Papin and I. We are a simple ‘punk-acoustic’ band. We have a solid set of our original songs. Iridescent is my other band which consists of Alex Papin, Danielle Dowdy, Jacob Femmer, Nick Church, and I. We are your typical garage band, and we mainly focus on covering bands like Blink-182, Lit, and Jimmy Eat world. We work hard in both of my projects, and we can really get things done. I love playing with both of these acts, and I intend to stay with these guys for as long as time allows.

To get to where I want to be in life, I need to practice my gifts daily. I want to be able to have no problem doing what the average musician would say is hard. Music is and always will be my life, and even though there is a lot of work to be done, I cannot forget to work with all my heart on every single aspect of this lifestyle.

When I get out of college I would like to open up a music shop, so I can share the love and aspirations that I have today with the kids of the future. This shop would be a steady income, and would give me something to support my family with. I do not want to turn out as a lot of other musicians, as in either be living on the streets or in the mansions of Beverly Hills. I want to be the plain-old-Jane type of citizen.

When I start playing music, I would prefer to not be well known throughout the media. The reason for this is because I do not want the media to try and change what my heart is trying to say. I have a heart, and I intend on showing it through my music and lyrics. I refuse with every fiber of my being to sell out like many other musicians, for example, Green Day, Nickleback, Montley Crue, and AC-DC. Yes, these bands all have good music, but they are in it for the money, which is not what true music is about. Music is about real true feelings, and what goes on in your heart.

The most important is to be true to myself. There is no greater lie than to follow the corporate machine and give in to what ‘the man’ wants you to be. Say what your heart feels, and be whatever you want to be. Just never lie and be fake like some sad people. As for me, I am a musician at heart, and I always will be.

The author's comments:
This was written for my English II class, I found inspiration after my integrity as a musician was challenged. This, in lay-mans terms, is a column venting about my beliefs and rituals for a clean hearted musician.

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