Angel without wings

October 17, 2011
By Twavis SILVER, Marionville, Missouri
Twavis SILVER, Marionville, Missouri
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A Heaven sent, a gift from Above
My very own angel to shower with love
A beautiful morning each day she brings
As I thank God, he gave her no wings
Because without wings she cant fly away
And closetomyheart she’ll always stay

I love her so much I just want to get that across
I’m a ship and she’s my compass and without her I’d be lost
If my love for her were ice, A blazing inferno it would tame
And my HEART s-k-i-p-s one-hundred beats at the very mention of her name

Sometimes I just have to stop and stare
At the light in her eyes and the curls in her hair
I find my self cracking corny jokes every once and awhile
Just to catch a momentary glimpse of her smile

That’s why with each new day as the songbird sings
I’m thankful to have an angel without wings

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