A thing called Love

January 2, 2008
By Antonia Whittaker, Boston, MA

A thing called Love

I sit at home next to the fireplace.
Reminiseing of us on the beach,
Walking,Talking,Holding Hands.
I stop for a moment and close my eyes,
This way I can see it better.
I begin again but i stop at the sound of a knock.
It is you i say
I was just thinking of us
It mad me feel..
I stoped, why couldn't i explain what i was feeling?
Then the words "I LOVE YOU." came from his beautiful lips.
I said "I love you too."
I now understand that i didn't know what to call what i was feeling because i was unsure if someone eles knew exactly how i felt.
This thing called Love...is wonderful & happy.

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