This Basement

January 2, 2008
By Jen Gunshore, Harding, PA

This Basement

This basement was our childhood,
And each and every day we would,
Come down and laugh,
Come down and cry.
And it was here that we learned to love and to grow.

This was our safe haven from the world,
Our own castle of dreams.
Each day would blend right in to the next,
As we endlessly played our silly games.

Though those wondrous youthful days are gone,
In our memories this basement will always belong.
For when we look back to our childhood years,
Our memories always take us here.

Every hole in the wall,
And stain in the carpet,
Shows every time we would fall,
And then learn to stand tall.

The nicks in the tables,
Are the same nicks in our hearts.
When we laughed and we cried,
Through even the now forgotten times.

This basement prepared us for the world to come.
A world not always kind.
This basement taught us so much of love,
And we will never leave it behind.

These years to come may separate us,
But our love will always be strong.
And every once in a while we must,
Come back to where we belong.

One day our own kids will come,
And mark their own little ventures,
And we will never forget to tell,
Of all of our childhood adventures.

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