the bigggggg game

October 17, 2011
By Anonymous

In 2005, I lived in Canada 4th grade at Ridgeview Public School where they are so
Many kids come from different country’s like Pakistan, China, America and
Africa. I saw kids that were my type it was like so many countries all together to
Form a huge country. The school was so huge it is like where plane land and take
Off. It is mostly sunny but it was always chilly about 60 degrees or 65 degrees.
The problem is I can’t play basketball, which my friends don’t know about it.
All the time I go to the park with my yellow basket ball and practice but I never
Level up. How hard it is to play basketball? Who could teach me how to play?
So the next day my friend kindle he is white, golden hair found out that
I can’t play basket ball and told my other friend. I was so nerves that my whole
Body was shaking like a washing machine. I though they would make fun of me
But they didn’t instead they said we could help me kindle told me he could
Teach me some of his moves, the rules and the most important thing in your he
Didn’t told me but he said you would realized it when you are playing the big game they took me
To their coach he we like about 5,5 foot tall , gray hair Mr. flower he was funny but really hype
For the big game when he saw me and he knew I need

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