Death and Me

October 7, 2011
It's almost pitch dark,
The air carries the heavy scent of Death
The dark atmosphere tries to choke me,
Surely trying to find another soul to reap
The sepulchre depicts a scene of Hell,
Of sinners burning forever as punishment

My stomach churns at the sight of such an austere punishment;
I stumble away from the tomb in the dark,
Hearing the shrieks and pained groans from below, from Hell
I hear his breathing, he's come for me: Death
I know it is my soul he's come to reap
His cold dark shadow envelopes me

His gravelly, raspy whisper sends a chill through me
"The time has come for punishment"
I see the shadow of his scythe raised, ready to reap
I close my eyes, trying to will away the dark
Excruciating pain erupts in my back and I look up at Death
I state into his bottomless eyes and see the flames of Hell

I can feel myself being dragged back to Hell
I feel the scorching flames trying to lick at me
I'd tried to escape, to be free of Death
I can't even begin to imagine my punishment
My eyes water in terror and my vision goes dark
And it's not even the worst part of the reap

I know what to expect, I've been on both sides of the reap
He brings me to the inner-most circle of Hell
It is the hottest circle, but also the most dark
By now terror has eased its vice-like grip on me
I steel myself, preparing for my punishment
But it seems you can still suprise me, Death

"Aren't you angry with me, Death?
"Get on with the reap"
I squeeze my eyes shut tight for my punishment
I love him, this advocate of Hell
I don't think you do, but your eyes suprise me
Your normally empty stare is smoldering and oh-so dark

That dark gaze confuses me,
Punishment has always followed the reap
I live in Hell and my partner is Death

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