Cool Guys

October 7, 2011
By Aegis PLATINUM, Monroe, Michigan
Aegis PLATINUM, Monroe, Michigan
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I'll fix you down

With a cool cat stare

Keep looking at those eyes

Until you see whats there

You'll make a stage

If your all about the rage

Be easy don't be a fool

Keep ya cool

Don't lose ya head

Keep da cool instead

Don't even think think

Let the anger sink

Just do ya thing

yeah, ya own little thing

Don't be a fool

Keep ya cool

The author's comments:
Now, I thought that I'd try to write something different as the pain of heartache was just oozing out of me, so I decided to write something on how the "cool cats" feel and what the cool guy's perspective might be. I got to say, it was actually pretty fun. The misspelled words were simply vernacular devices. The original title, however, was Cool, but seeing that i must use five characters, I decided to put "Cool Guys" instead.

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