The Lost

October 7, 2011
By Aegis PLATINUM, Monroe, Michigan
Aegis PLATINUM, Monroe, Michigan
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It's hard to say
goodbye to the lost
Whether alive or dead
Their memories are always in my head

Hard to say it
To the people you trust
But you got to do it
To let go is a must

We never want to do it
We never want to let go
But we gotta do it
Inevitably so

So we have to say goodbye
To a much loved friend
Say it now
Or it will only hurt in the end

They're always such a cost
Those people of the lost
Such a big cost
Are the people of the lost...

The author's comments:
This... is a poem that I wrote in the process of losing, yes the same girl, and a close friend because of it. I'm certain that many readers will be able to relate to a situation like this one.

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