January 2, 2008
By Huy Ho, Dorchester, MA

People say we'll regret
in your lives
But don't forget,its a bet
you gotta break a sweat
what you dont' know yet
don't be upset, have a cigarette!
in your life if you have alot of wives
you'll see what arrives
see if you's survives

As Days Pass by..
Day by day, my memories fades away
i was just a prey but its okayy
when it was you and me it wasn't ment to be
now you see i'm free
from the your clutch you give me too much
i admit i miss your touch but you give something such
love i thought of
but i was just a lonely dovee that you shove...
to think the world of somethingg belove'd

Special Breeezyyy
you's got me crazyy no time for being lazy
there's no maybe
let me get some words i'll tell you baby
tell you what your above like a dove with no love to think of
Give me some time
Cuz babygurl your on my mind
There's no time to put your on 1 line
i'll show you whats true love, baby gurl don't try and shove
whats goin down
when i see you, you make your own noun
let me take you for a walk to downtown and show you around
you can come along show you where u belong
tell me what i'm don wrong
so i can tell you what i told Stevie Hoang !

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