Purple Blue and Black

October 7, 2011
This feeling refuses to pass
this moment will not break
You shut me down and block me in
each blowing give and take

You manipulate my weakness
my strengths you take control
I am beat, helpless, and stubborn
but too dumb to let go

I keep coming back for seconds
another round and place
This Spot is my holding dungeon
I will never escape

You are a self-proclaimed winner
I lose it every time
You kill my every little flaw
you kiss away this signs

I'm hiding every injury
the worst ones are inside
Outside it is invisible . . .
I take it all in stride.

I will file all my excuses
create another tale
No One knows the truth i''m hiding
Perhaps, it''s just as well

He controls my mind and body
"misbehave"- pay the price
He is like a ticking time bomb
detonating device

my foolish senses awaken
my body tired and weak
he watches as I walk away
He grows too stunned to speak

The door that closes behind me
the Sound a Serpent Slain
Love is Beauty, NEVER pain-
since I left his little Game

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Lizzie H. said...
Nov. 1, 2011 at 9:18 pm
This is really amazing! I love how it is written; it sounds so personal and realistic. 
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